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Our Products


Military Contracts 
Windlass started out as a Military contractor to the BritishGovernment, an association we proudly continue till today. While westarted out supplying a single item, the famed Gurkha Kukri, to asingle government, today we work with numerous governments on 6continents with supplies ranging from kukris, combat knives to dresssabers, from personal regalia to army grade textiles.

Motion Picture and TV Props 
Over a period of time Windlass has mastered the ability to design and supply props to various studios for movies as well as TV productions. Upon researching the products we are able to utilize various materials including alloys, woods, synthetics, textiles and accomodate production runs from singles to thousands if necessary. To read more about our expertise in developing props. 

Custom Manufacturing 
Our world class manufacturing facilities have helped us partner withmany artists, design studios and companies to bring many iconic piecesto the market. The Helmet of Spaniard from the Gladiator, the Sword ofthe Scorpion King, Heath Ledger's helmet from A Knight's Tale, and theJoker Cane from DC Comics are some of the pieces that we have custommanufactured for other companies.

Clothing Manufacturing 
With an emphasis on quality, Windlass can manufacture ready-madegarments in woven and knits for men, ladies and children in a widerange of fabrics including Cotton, Rayon, Polyesters, Silk, Georgettes,Chiffon, Single Jersey, 1X1 rib, 2X2 rib, Cotton Lycra and Yarn dyed. In addition to the general, well made everyday contemporary clothingthat can be seen on the shelves at JC Penney or in a Coldwater Creekcatalog, we design and develop period costumes and clothing forHalloween, Movie productions and re-enactment groups plus MilitaryContracts from various countries.

Weapon and Armor design 
With a design team in the USA and Germany and several reputedconsultants and independent contractors that we regularly work with inUSA, UK and Europe, Windlass has often been called on to design,prototype and produce Swords, Weapons and Armor.